Pritha Sen

Freelance Content Writer

There are very few people in this world who can choose their Passion as a Profession.


I am one such lucky person!

I started writing for School Magazines when I was 8. And I kept writing. Some got published. Some stayed hidden inside the pages of dusty old diaries.

I discovered Content Writing while pursuing my Master's degree in English Literature. And when the time came to choose a career, it was an obvious choice.

The only thing I love more than Writing is Reading.

Journey so far...

In the year 2013, when I was studying M.A. Linguistics from the University of Calcutta, I was frantically searching for a part-time job. This is when I discovered Content Writing and started learning about professional content writing, SEO, and Copywriting.


I embraced Content Writing as a full-time career in 2017. As I gained experience in my primary niche, i.e. SEO Blogs/Articles Writing, I continued to explore other areas of Content Development such as Website Content, Social Media Marketing Copy, and Email Marketing Copy.

Rejecting all the well-paying and secure full-time jobs that came my way from all around India, I continued with my Freelancing journey simply because it's so much more fun and challenging. Every Job is Different! Every Business Demands Something New! And you learn so much every single day! Need I say more? (and when you get the hang of it, freelancing is so much more profitable too!)


Over the last years, I have provided Content Development Services to more than 50 businesses (including Content Outsourcing farms, startups, e-commerce companies, manufacturing brands, SaaS and B2B Companies, and more) and 20+ individual clients.

My Primary Writing Niches include: Career, Lifestyle, E-Commerce, Personal Finance, and Marketing/Branding. However, I am forever expanding my reach and picking up new skills and lessons as I proceed. So, if you have a new challenge for me that doesn't belong to this list, no worries, I'll learn it soon!

I also have experience in Content Editing (research papers, journals, non-fiction ebooks), Translation Works, (English- Hindi- Bengali), and Resume Writing.


In the creative field of content writing, every assignment demands a fresh approach. With every successful project, I grow a little, and learn a lot.