Pritha Sen

Independent Content Writer

There are very few people in this world who can choose their Passion as a Profession.


I am one such lucky person!

I started writing for School Magazines when I was 8. And I kept writing. Some got published. Some stayed hidden inside the pages of dusty old diaries.

I discovered Content Writing while pursuing my Master's degree in English Literature. And when the time came to choose a career, it was an obvious choice.

The only thing I love more than Writing is Reading.

Journey so far...

In the year 2012, when I was studying M.A. Linguistics from the University of Calcutta, I was frantically searching for a part-time job. This is when I discovered Content Writing and started learning about sellable content, SEO, and Copywriting.


I embraced Content Writing as a full-time career in 2017. As I gained experience in my primary niche, i.e. SEO Content Writing, I continued to explore other areas of Content Development such as Website Content, Social Media Marketing Copy, and Email Marketing Copy.

In the initial years, I preferred freelancing as it offered me the freedom to explore different niches and learn as much as possible.


Over the years, I have provided ghostwriting services to a number of content writing firms, startups, individuals, and established businesses. I am also keen on publishing Guest Posts on various platforms and I keep adding them to my portfolio whenever I get the chance.

I enjoy writing SEO Blogs and Articles, and Website Content the most. My expertise lies in areas related to Lifestyle, Travel, Finance, and Career, although I am comfortable writing about anything when provided with suitable briefs and resources.

I also have experience in Content Editing (research papers, journals, non-fiction ebooks), Translation Works, (English- Hindi- Bengali), and Resume Writing.


In the creative field of content writing, every assignment demands a fresh approach. With every successful project, I grow a little, and learn a lot.

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