How restaurant management software has changed the restaurant industry

The concept of dining out is not a popular choice anymore. Unlike the earlier times, diners have become hesitant to visit restaurants. Are you intimidated by the thought of visiting a restaurant? You might have concerns about catching Covid-19 contraction. Not anymore. With a modern day, digital restaurant management software, now be assured of an absolutely safe, no-contact dining experience.

Top 5 features of a restaurant management software

Let’s check the major reasons behind restaurant owners increasingly making use of the restaurant management software.

Book your seats in advance–

Studies by CDC shows that there are higher risks of Covid-19 contraction in a restaurant or bar setting. The reason is an increase in interaction with others within 6 feet. However, waiting in the crowded restaurant lobby is a thing of the past. All you have to do is to just install a mobile app. On your smartphone screen, view all the seats at your favorite restaurant. Now, book the table of your choice in advance. That too, as per your convenience. On reaching the restaurant, your seats will be ready. Hence, get rid of the long waiting time at jam-packed restaurants.

Park your vehicle with no hassles–

Now, you have arrived at the restaurant. A valet collects your car key and parks the vehicle safely. On your phone, get notified about the parking status of your car. When it’s time to leave, just raise a request on your mobile app. Even a missed call works fine. Immediately, the valet desk gets notified. Step out and your vehicle is ready at the pickup point. Just share the unique valet pin on your phone. Now you are all set to collect your vehicle. Unlike earlier times, no more hassles of looking for parking slots.

Get rid of those paper menus-

It’s time to order your food. Many customers hesitate to use a physical, paper menu. However, you don’t have to touch the paper menus anymore. The digital menus are fast replacing the paper menus. Let’s see how it works. At the restaurant table, the image of a QR code will be placed. Just scan that code on your smartphone. Now, you can view all your favorite dishes on the digital menu. Order the food items of your choice with absolutely no touching of surfaces. As per the Future of Restaurants report, 88% of restaurants in the survey opined that in 2021 they are somewhat or very likely to switch 100% from the legacy physical menus to the digital ones.

Go for contactless payment –

Now, you are done with your meal. It’s time to pay your bill. Like a majority of the customers, you might be worried about touching currency notes. No worries. Now pay your bill with digital wallets such as Google pay and Amazon Pay. Making payments was never so easy. Just flash your mobile phone against the QR code image. With absolutely no contact, now you can complete your payment. Receive a notification as soon as the payment is over. The survey results by Mckinsey shows that 47% of the respondents are interested in using a contactless card at coffee shops.

Provide digital feedback –

Gone are those days when you used to write feedback on a paper form. Let’s see how technology has changed the feedback process. After completing your bill payment, you will receive a notification. It’s a reminder to provide your feedback. On the app, update your feedback about the restaurant food, service, ambiance and other parameters. As soon as you are done with the feedback, the restaurant management gets notified. Now it’s the turn of the restaurant management to take action. Suppose you provided feedback about the rude behavior of the waiter. In no time, the restaurant management speaks to him and warns him. Subsequently, the management informs you about the corrective measure adopted. Unlike the paper based feedback form, there is no need for restaurants to go through the feedback forms one by one. As a customer, you don’t have to touch the paper forms as well.

Restaurants are getting adapted to the new normal. The food and beverage establishments have realized that it’s high to make use of the modern day technology. By implementing a digital restaurant management software, restaurants offer customers an absolutely no-contact dining environment. As a customer, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about visiting restaurants. Now enjoy your dining experience like never before. It’s an absolutely safe environment at restaurants where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

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