How to take care of acne prone skin

Glowing, blemish-free skin is a dream for everyone. Unfortunately, nightmares like acne and pimple are too prevalent throughout our lives, especially in our teenage years.

Well, fret not amigos! We are here to help you out. With proper care and maintenance, acne problems can disappear for good. Here are a few tips to help keep acne problems at bay. But before we jump into that, let’s find out what acne is, and what triggers it.

What is acne?

Acne refers to the condition when the pores of your skin get clogged with oil and dirt, and give birth to a number of skin problems including blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and zits.

What causes acne?

As mentioned above, clogged pores result in acne, and acne-related skin problems. People with normal to oily skin suffer from acne problems more than people who have dry skin. Genetics too play an important role here.

How to take care of acne-prone skin?

There is no single solution for a serious problem like acne. However, you can try a number of things at home to reduce the visible appearance of acne-related problems. A word of caution though: not every solution works equally for everyone. You need a trial and error method to find out what works best for you.

· Regular cleansing:

Oily, acne prone skin requires more attention to the cleansing department than dry skin. The oiliness doesn’t only clog your pores, but also attracts and traps more dirt and impurities from the environment. While for others, cleansing the face once a day is sufficient, in case of acne prone skin, one needs the cleanup twice a day. The best cleansing routine for acne prone skin is to use a gentle, soap-free cleanser for the first time, and a foaming cleanser for the second time. To give your skin a deep cleaning, use a gentle exfoliator twice a week.

· Use a toner:

Cleansing and exfoliating often leave the pores of our skin open which then immediately attracts dirt from outside, and when the pores are closed, the dirt remains trapped inside. That’s why, using something that will help close the pores immediately is highly recommended. A toner does the exact same job. Toner also prepares our skin for the next step, i.e. moisturizing, and also hydrates and refreshes our skin. If you want to control acne-related breakouts, do not skip this step in your daily skincare regime.

· Moisturize the correct way:

A lot of people have this misconception that oily and acne-prone skin does not need moisturizing. Well, this could not be far from the truth. The excessive oil doesn’t provide moisture or hydration to skin, rather it creates a barrier. That’s why, like other skin types, oily skin too needs moisture from the outside. however, unlike regular moisturizers which are oil-based, you need one that is water-based. Moisturizers that contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Orange, or Lemon are the best choices for your type of skin.

· Use sunscreen:

Harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun can worsen the condition of your skin. That’s why it is advised to never step out in the sun without using a good sunscreen that not only has a high SPF, but also contains PA+++ for maximum protection. Just like moisturizers, for sunscreen too, you should read the label for a water-based product.

· Use a suitable serum:

Skin serums and essences are so popular right now, and everybody is going crazy over these tiny little bottles of goodness. They are lighter than moisturizers in texture. As a result, they penetrate the skin well and reach the deeper layers of your skin. For acne-prone skin, a handful of serums are specially available to fight the specific problems. If you have uneven skin tone because of acne scars, choose a serum that evens out the skin color. You can also opt for a refreshing and hydrating serum (oil-free) for moisturizing your skin.

· Let your skin breathe:

Let’s face the reality! We girls just cannot survive our daily lives without a few basic makeup products like foundation, compact, primer etc. while we like to put our best faces on before stepping outside, what we tend to forget is these makeup products clog the pores of your skin even more, leaving no chance for your skin to breathe. Fortunately, a lot of popular brands are now offering acne-friendly products that are lightweight and breathable for skin. Using these specially formulated products will help you fight acne and related problems. However, no matter what products you use, leaving them on your face for more than 8-10 hours is a strict no-no. No matter how tired you are, never forget to thoroughly remove the last trace of makeup before going to bed. Otherwise, makeup residues will only worsen the situation.

· Drink plenty of water:

Nothing cures the skin like water. This is especially true for acne prone skin. When you drink plenty of water, your system stays clean and your skin gets enough hydration from within. When your internal system is refreshed and toxin free, it reflects positively in your skin.

· Change your diet:

A healthy and balanced diet drastically improves your skin health. People with acne prone skin should keep the fat/oil content minimum in their foods. It will help reduce the oil that shows up on your face and clogs the pores. So, give up the French Fries and Hamburgers, and say hello to a nice little plate of salad, maybe?

How to fight acne scars?

There are so many products available off-the-shelf that claim to be effective solutions for acne scars. However, most of them do not live up to their promises. If you have serious scars on your face, the best way to get rid of them is to seep professional treatment. When it comes to acne scars, a dermatologist is your best friend. She will test your skin and check the severity of your condition, and then select a suitable remedy for you. If however, you do not want to seek medical attention immediately, we suggest you go for cleansers that contain salicylic acid, and other products that are water-based.

So, this is pretty much how you start your fight against acne. Try them out for yourself and get the skin of your dreams.

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