6 Places in Oslo to Visit and Explore

Planning a short trip to Oslo can be really difficult for first-time visitors, considering Oslo is full

of surprises for tourists. However, if you do have to limit yourself with time constraint, we

suggest you visit the 6 most popular tourist attractions in Oslo described below.

Frogner Park, Oslo

6 Top Tourist Attractions in Oslo:

1. Frogner Park

2. Norwegian Folk Museum

3. Holmenkollen

4. Nobel Peace Centre

5. Sognsvann Lake, and

6. Nordmarka.

Frogner Park:

The sweet rays of summer sun, the mesmerising smell of the meadows, wicker baskets and picnic blankets- does it sound like a perfect day-out with family? We thought it does!

Also referred to as the Vigeland Sculpture Park, this is an amazing place in Oslo and definitely tops your things-to-do list. This park is full of bridges and fountains adding to its beauty. There’s also a popular picnic spot within the park. However, the place is the most famous for housing the Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement, which is the largest in the world made by a single artist.

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History:

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History or the Norsk Folkemuseum is the largest and oldest

folk museum in Norway. It is an open air art and natural history museum. Folk costumes, folk art & culture, and exhibits focusing on the Norwegian folk lifestyle of the last 5-6 centuries are the theme of this museum.

The main attractions of Norwegian Museum of Cultural History are the Stave Church from Gol (built in 1200 AD), the Setesdal Farmstead, and the exhibits containing the costumes and other lifestyle equipment of the folk people.


Apart from being a beautiful neighbourhood, it is famous for being a ski area. The Holmenkollen

ski jump tower is a great attraction for tourists. Inside it stands the oldest ski museum of the world, the Holmenkollen Ski Museum. The ski jump tower has a capacity of 30000 spectators and it hosts ski festivals since more than a century ago. If you are planning to visit Holmenkollen, allot a whole day to enjoy the recreational activities, admire the spectacular views, and indulge in luxurious delicacies from top-rated restaurants around the neighborhood.

Nobel Peace Centre:

The Nobel Peace Center is one of the most important cultural landmarks of Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2005, the Nobel Peace Center showcases the Nobel Peace Prizes to the visitors. Not just Nobel Prizes, this museum hosts temporary and permanent exhibits about subjects related to war and peace, conflicts and their solution.

After filling up your mind with the message of Peace, you can enjoy a cuppa hot latte or grab a quick bite in one of the snack shops inside the museum, or buy souvenirs from the gift shops to complete your trip.

Sognsvann Lake:

This spectacular lake area is another attraction of Oslo which is mainly famous as a picnic area.

Camping beside the lake is a great experience to have in Oslo. Swimming and sunbathing are other things to do here.


Perhaps the most beautiful amongst the natural sites in Oslo, Nordmarka is a forest area covering up the northern part of Oslo. Nordmarka is particularly a popular place for bike riding, skiing and hiking. Winter sports are very popular in Nordmarka, especially from December to March.

There are literally unlimited options for you to add to your to-do list in Oslo. Planning a holiday

in Oslo is going to be a tightly packed experience for those who love to explore and adventure.

Tasting a bit from every dish it has to offer will make your holiday memorable.

*Image Courtesy: By Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=51435579

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