Top 10 virtual event agencies around the world

Virtual events have slowly puzzled themselves into what is becoming the “new normal”. Many companies have gradually adjusted into virtual event planning which has become a very successful and dynamic marketing model. Although most organisations have their own ways of planning these digital events, we have listed down a few notable companies that have pivoted their way into this digital transformation.

1. EPEAK Studio (Canada)

EPEAK Studio specializes in technology by working through their client’s marketing and sales teams. A few of their services include video production and influencer marketing, however, they have also shifted their focus into virtual events. EPEAK Studio holds virtual launches with the help of augmented reality - offering a refreshing way to showcase the newest products on the market.

2. The Ortus Club (APAC and EMEA)

The Ortus Club has been hosting both physical and virtual events predominantly in the form of knowledge-sharing round-table discussions. Although based in Singapore, they operate all over the world and across a variety of sectors. Their events are always mediated by a moderator and by invitation only to guarantee that whoever supports the topic, gets the chance to meet their target audience.

The Ortus Club has continued its C-level knowledge-sharing round-tables in

a virtual setting since the beginning of 2020.

The Ortus Club has continued its C-level knowledge-sharing roundtables in a virtual setting since the beginning of 2020.

3. George P. Johnson Marketing (India)

GPJ was established in 2002 and has worked its way as the world's #1 ranked experience marketing agency. Their team consists of highly experienced members who have delivered over 700 events in 80 cities with companies such as IBM, SAP, LinkedIn and Google. They are geared towards Digital, Audience Marketing, Creative Strategy and Event Production. They have managed to bring the same excitement into their virtual events by creating an “experience first” strategy that has been implemented since 2008.

4. Penguin Strategies (Israel)

Penguin strategies is a marketing agency that mainly works with B2B tech companies around the world. They have partnered with enterprises such as Siemens, Percepto, Ceragon, NetApp and Hyla Mobile, to name a few. Their events feature keynote speakers and also offer insights on logistics and promotions. You can sign up for a virtual event through their website.

5. BMF (UK & USA)

BMF is an international marketing team focused on conceptualizing multi-channel programs that hook key opinion leaders, specific target audiences and ultimately generate an impactful brand experience. With offices located in the busiest capitals such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and London - BMF has curated events for top tier clients like Gucci and Time Magazine. One of their services includes virtual or live streaming events that cater to clients who are seeking relevant and resonant ways to engage with audiences online.

6. Pace Digital (South Africa)

Pace Digital is focused on creating and managing digital development geared towards marketing strategies. The company has been operating since 2014 and ultimately capitalizes on software, SEO and website & app design. Pace Digital has developed an interactive and unforgettable experience through its virtual events by incorporating virtual and augmented realities through their partnership with Hubilo.

7. Sparks (China & USA)

Sparks has worked with a number of large scale enterprises such as Aldo, Barclays, Google and Youtube to name a few. As a live and digital brand experience agency, they are more than qualified when it comes to hosting virtual events for clients looking to power hybrid strategies with smart solutions. Their recent events include Gm OnStar’s Virtual Reality Testdrive Salesforce and the Twitter-Wimbledon Queue Digital Experience.

A snapshot from Spark’s “Virtual Sizzle Reel” of Gm OnStar’s Virtual Reality Testdrive.

8. Factory 360 (USA)

Factory 360 combines all the best parts of the digital world together with the experiential thrill of the physical world. They are a creative experiential marketing agency that has launched virtual events powered by 3D Modeling, Animation and even Digital Design. Factory 360 has worked together with brands such as Uniqlo, Moet & Chandon and LinkedIn.

9. SoHo Experiential (USA)

SoHo’s main goal is to ignite social relevance through intimate and thoughtfully crafted brand experiences. They focus on creative strategies, producing logistics and digital integration when it comes to their events. Since COVID-19 struck, they had figured out a way in creating the same brand experience but this time, in the virtual scene. Recently, they conducted a virtual wine tasting together with Rioja Wines by bringing together importers, distributors, buyers and account managers. In groups of 10, they managed to give a deep-seated tasting experience by arranging the wines to be delivered prior to the engagement.

10. VietApps (Vietnam)

VietApps offers extensive experience in consulting, designing, programming and contributing enterprise management software solutions. Their team consists of experienced business managers and programming experts from outsourced companies. They integrate YouTube and Vimeo on their Webcasts, but for a more advanced virtual event, VietApp offers its easy-to-use virtual platform that includes a Web Networking Application.

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