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We are currently accepting guest posts on the following topics:

  • Lifestyle

  • Finance

  • Freelancing

  • Marketing

  • Technology

General Guidelines:

  • Blogs and articles should be 100% original and unpublished on any other platforms, including the writer's personal blog.

  • Articles should be free from grammatical and spelling errors.

  • Ideally, the word-count of an article should be at least 500 words. There's no upper limit.

  • The articles should include several sub-headings and be divided into multiple paragraphs. Paragraphs should have uniformity in length.

  • We do not accept overly promotional or salesy articles written with the sole intention of advertising a business without adding any value to our readers. However, we allow you to add a paragraph at the end of your article that can include links to your business, your personal website, or social media handles. The length of the paragraph should not be more than 10% (maximum 150 words) of the length of your article. For eg. if you're writing an article of 500 words, the concluding paragraph should not be more than 50 words. If you're writing an article of 2000 words, however, the concluding paragraph would have to be 150 words or less.

  • We reserve the right to perform minor edits and corrections as and when needed, and as we deem fit.

How to publish?

  • Send your pitch to info.writerpritha@gmail.com.

  • Your pitch must belong to one of the five categories mentioned above.

  • Mention the Category clearly in your email.

  • Include the title of your blog/article, and the general idea in at-least 250 words or more. You can include the framework of the article, including sub-points and a few details. Overall, it should present a clear picture of your article.

  • If we decide to publish your article, we'll get back to you and ask you to submit the final draft. Initially, we'll publish your articles from our end (the byline will be yours, of course!), but if you become a regular contributor (publish at least 3 articles within 3 months), we'll give you access to the back-end of your blogger account, and you'll be able to directly post on our website.

  • If you need any more clarifications, do reach out at the above-mentioned email address.

Hope to see you soon!